The Inevitable Impact Of UX/UI On The Future

The significance of UX/UI design fused with Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be evident in future technologies. There are many companies all over the world that understand this and have hired UX designers for their most important positions. The responsibility to shape future technologies will be on their shoulders!

Personalised Design
As AI becomes more popular, users will be able to personalise their experience on most applications and websites. AI software has the ability to make decisions based on a person’s age, sex, gender, interests, and many other parameters. AI can alter specific parts of applications and websites, based on the personal preferences of visitors. This means that the generation of UI of a digital service will happen in real time.

Customer-centric Approach
The trend of business has always been about selling products and services. All strategies have been aiming to find the best ways to get customers to buy the products offered. A change in this trend is expected soon, as companies will pay more attention on serving the customers, rather than just selling to earn a profit. In this model, people buy the experience and not only the product, and UX/UI will establish what that experience is.

Fast And Convenient Design
After determining the most optimum way to inject UX in a particular aspect of an application, the need to start with a new design each time will not be there. With UX knowledge becoming more and more common between designers, their work will become faster and easier. The inclusion of AI means that the software will already have access to the important information, which makes it possible for the software to create a design that gives the best user experience. AI software libraries will store the components used for technological and online interaction.


Screenless Interface

The impact of virtual reality goes beyond just television screens. Users will be able to get a much more personalised experience through virtual reality devices and voice-guided interfaces. In fact, users won’t even feel that they are using an interface. We might just start relating directly to our house or car.

Design Positions
Companies usually hire a handful of specific types of designers. With AI usage becoming more common and UX/UI designers gaining importance, there will more openings at all positions for UX designers. People who can effectively create the ideal user experience using AI, will be highly desired. UX/UI designing will be amongst the top career choices of people, and they may become the most important resource for any organisation.


Importance Of Design Thinking
Creative thinking in designing is beginning to find importance in organisations. Design thinking surpasses literal knowledge and considers the ability to keep in mind the overall qualities of a product to develop the ideal UX. The bond between technology and design will become stronger, and the understanding of design will go hand in hand with technological knowhow. This will be a basic selection parameter for companies to hire employees in the future. The scope of work for business leaders will increase, as they will have to handle important design positions, along with parallel tech and business positions.

In a nutshell, design thinking will be an intermix merging human abilities and AI to create the most optimum user experience.

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