Adapting TV Ads for Digital Display Advertising

Digital advertisers are looking out to adapt television ads to digital, because converting standard video ads into a native, interactive brand experience is an engaging way to achieve the desirable results.

To adapt TV commercials for digital display ads, you might want to keep the following three points in mind:



Digital is interactive format whereas, television is passive

Traditionally, TVCs are designed to lead a relatively passive audience along a narrative format. Whereas, digital inspires users to act upon the content they see which makes them all the more involved in it and thereby making some form of response evident in the form of likes, comments and shares, even a purchase.


Determining the goals

While brand recall remains as the primary motive of both, It is highly essential to determine the goals of the content before adapting TV ads into digital because digital media in itself is measurable and tends to get viral quicker.



Finding the right format

While there are a lot of formats available for digital display ads like GDN, network websites and content amplification tools, finding the right format can carry consumers all the way through the marketing funnel and their customer journey.



TVC broadcasts generate the most results in terms of viewership based on the choice of channels and time slots on which they are telecasted. For display ads too, the choice of platform is very critical. With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being the primary choices, it is essential to understand where to put your money the most, will it be GDN, network websites or content amplification is a call which you need to take for the most effective outcome for your brand.

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