Revolutionizing Digital Experiences Into Real Life Experiences

Real to Engage.
Real to evoke Emotion.
And more importantly, Real to remain Relevant.

At Digital Guru, we believe that 'Real Life' is experiential. Often, the only question we ask when a brief arrives is-Does it pass the test of remaining "Real for the consumers Daily Life?" Right from Strategy to Execution, we use our experience of seasoned creative and technological know-how to build campaigns that stay human.

Our work across verticals reflect one-thing well: Experiential ideas that engage and create brand intimacy, DIGITALLY.

And this remains OUR PROMISE.

Our Advantages


Our Perception

We strongly believe in the mantra which is our driving force that-
Creativity + Technology = Brand Intimacy.
From ideation to execution, we fundamentally build on one thing- creating brand connections that announce, celebrate and value everyday life!


Our Network

Guru is a specialist. We do not believe in 'one course for all'.
Focusing on singular solutions, we address each objective according to its nature; be it Communication Guru - a unit devoted to providing branding pathway to traditional media strategy; Digital Guru - a technology driven marketing agency; or Start Guru - a dedicated ecosystem for startups and budding entrepreneurs!


Our Record

Our strong portfolio that stands apart and catches the limelight includes winning campaigns like LEARN TO SKI, MYNTRA, ICARE, SABMILLER, PLAY UP, SABMILLER, INDIVA, BLOCKBUSTER, USH, FOURWAYS TRAVELS, . After all, actions speak louder than words!